COVID-19 Update
25 June 2020 

The re-entry task force has been meeting weekly to discuss how and when Sharon Congregational Church should return to gathered worship services. Our goal is to find an appropriate balance in fulfilling our responsibility to love God and neighbor. Our main concerns, therefore, are to provide continuing spiritual support without creating unnecessary risks. We are encouraged by reports that the number of cases in our region is dropping. However, we are aware that other regions are seeing increasing numbers, and that such numbers are the result of too-early openings and a lack of social distancing. We are well aware that church and synagogue services have been super-spreader events. Our plans during Phase 2 of Connecticut Reopening include:

  • Continued provision of Bible study and short video
  • Sunday worship service online with audio/video. 
  • Fellowship events on Zoom

We are working toward re-entry when Connecticut begins Phase 3. We also want to remind you that the government funded Paycheck Protection Program has now ended. Church giving continues through checks and PayPal. Thank you for your continued support. 

We appreciate your prayers,
Pastor Bob Keay
Ray Conti
Judy Hardy
Shari Marks
TJ Murtagh

COVID-19 Update
20 May 2020

As we consider the timing and process of resuming in-person gatherings, our decisions and procedures must be based on (1) the best medical and scientific data available, (2) state and local community guidance, and (3) our own preparedness to maintain the safety of our congregants and our wider community.

Whatever decisions we make will reflect our attitude toward our neighbors. That attitude must reflect God’s concern and love for our neighbors. In this light, we have formed a Re-Entry Task Force that will be preparing us for a timely and appropriate way to meet together again in our lovely meeting house.

We have not stopped being a church during this pandemic. The church is about people and relationships. While the task force is at work, we will continue to do what we are doing and seeking alternative ways to connect and nurture our relationships.

We hope to see you all in person very soon!

COVID-19 News
15 March 2020

As COVID-19 threatens to affect our community, we have made the decision to close our church building for two weeks. There will be no Sunday services, no Bible studies, and no meetings taking place in the building during this time. We made this decision out of a public health obligation to slow the spread of the coronavirus.   If there is anything you need while navigating this unusual period, please email Pastor Bob at or Terri Conti at

Pastor Bob reminded us this morning that we need to trust God, exercise faith and pray. This builds confidence that God is working through our human responses, protects us against exaggerating the threat, and reminds us that we are members of a caring community.   

Take good care!