Our Sunday School classes begin, new members will be joining the church, and we challenge you to invite a friend to worship on September 8.


The Northwest Corner Crop Walk sponsored by Church World Service will be held on Sunday, September 29, 2019 at Housatonic Valley Regional High School.  Registration is from 1:00 p.m. to 1:30 p.m. and the walk begins at 1:30. If you plan to participate, please see Joanne Robinson for a  participation packet.  The deadline for participation sign up is September 15. If you aren’t able to participate by walking, consider donating to a walker in person or donate to the Sharon Congregational Team online. 

For online donations, visit and click on “donate,” then click on “donate to a team” and type in “Sharon Congregational.”

Last year, Sharon Congregational raised $456.  Of this total, team Bob and Jill raised $300.  Great accomplishment!  Twenty-five percent of money raised stays local—it is distributed to food banks, participating churches and emergency food vouchers.  When CROP began in 1947 (under the wing of Church World Service, which was founded in 1946), CROP was an acronym for the Christian Rural Overseas Program. Its primary mission was to help Midwest farm families to share their grain with hungry neighbors in post-World War II Europe and Asia.  Today, CROP Hunger Walks help to support the overall ministry of Church World Service, especially grassroots, hunger-fighting development efforts around the world.


Will you share your talent to enhance our Sunday services and to bless others? We’d love to have you play, sing, read, dance, act for a special offertory piece. If you aren’t comfortable going solo, share your idea with Shari Marks and she’d be happy to help you or create an ensemble. The Bible tells us that we are all born with unique talents and gifts that set us apart from each other and when we use them to glorify God, we will experience a full life!

Singers, please join our small choir on Sunday, September 15 as we share a simple song during worship. We will rehearse before the service at 9:50.


Looking for volunteers to sign up for an occasional Sunday to make coffee and put out a simple snack for Coffee Hour after worship.  Please speak to Janet Kelsey with any questions or sign up on the chart near the kitchen.


The question and answer sermon series is coming to a close.  However, feel free to continue to ask Pastor Bob questions.  He can always use them for a sermon.  For the next sermon series will be on the life of Moses.  It is important for our faith, he is an interesting person of the Bible and it’s good to spend more time in the old testament.


The mission board has distributed funds last month to Equus Effect to support an upcoming event on September 7, to the Sharon United Methodist Church for support, and to the Jane Lloyd Fund.


At church council Monday, it was noted the organ has been cleaned, tuned and repaired.  Barbara states, “It’s nice to hear the organ again”.  Which reminds her of a man who attended church years ago who would had a habit of falling asleep when the sermon would begin.  One time, the pastor tapped him on the shoulder to wake him up.  Being startled, he woke up and yelled, “Gol Darn It, It’s a day of rest!”


Gabrielle from Bright Energy Yoga will be resuming classes held in our church facility beginning in September.  Find out about signing up for a 5-week session at  Alternatively, you could drop in for a class once the session begins.


The 6th Annual Christ Church Classic Car Concours and Cruise will take place at Christ Church Episcopal, at 9 South Main St. in Sharon on Saturday, September 7, 2019 from 11am to 2pm. The event will be held on the church grounds and the Sharon Green, rain or shine.


Click here to watch the video of this year’s Vacation Bible School!

All of our efforts to hold an exciting, educational outreach program for kids this summer was a success!  The Scripture Union team (6 total) were enthusiastic, inspiring and full of Jesus’ love.  They got the kids (14 total) moving and grooving to the music and learning about the Kingdom with their many ways of teaching including a drama, bible diggers time, quizzes and puppets.  We had a two-team jeopardy competition on Friday and it was truly amazing at all the knowledge the kids had of Jesus!

 A few feedback comments:

When asked what you would rate the VBS program 1 out of 10, the response was “10.10”

“The kids have been singing the songs at home”
“The kids jumped out of bed every morning ready to go see their friends at church”
“I loved helping out with the little ones”
“I loved the puppets”
“Can’t wait to do it again next year”
“Mom, I know who made the world. It was God. And he made that corn too. God loves me, and he loves you too. I can’t wait to go see my new friends!”
“I am so impressed at the hard work of everyone there. The little toys he brought home and his coloring pages and crafts have earned a spotlight in his room. It warmed my heart to hear how much fun he had and about things he was learning”.

Thank you Newt and Barbara Schoenly and Janet Kelsey for housing our guests.  Thank you Bob Slagel for feeding our guests and participants.  Thank you John and Nancy Nowak for feeding our guests.  Thank you Jill  Keay and Judy Hardy for feeding our participants.  Thank you Pastor Bob for teaching and making us laugh with your dramas and crazy hat.  Thank you Laura Deboer, Shari Marks, and Terri Conti for your tireless support to the team and participants. (and for Shari’s awesome communication and organizational skills)  Thank you Ray Conti for hanging our sign and building our castle.

God had blessed us with kids who were willing and excited to learn about Jesus and the Kingdom, faith-filled leaders, a strong support team, and good weather.  The kids also enjoyed playing on our newly refurbished playscape.  One last quote from one of our guest leaders: “I can feel the Holy Spirit moving through here”.


1. In which book(s) of the Bible will you find the word “antichrist”?
2. Can we know when the “end-times” begin?
3. Is the last book of the Bible called “Revelation” or “Revelations”?
4. What is the number of the Beast?
5. What happens to the 144,000 believers?
6. What number is associated with the Trumpets, Seals, Bowls, and Churches in the book of Revelation?
7. What color is the dragon?
8. Who is chained in a prison for 1,000 years?
9. What color are the four horses in the Four Horseman of the Apocalypse?
10. Will you be joining us in our study of the book of Revelation?

Bible Study begins Thursday night, 19 September
Meal 6:00-6:30
Bible Study 6:30-7:30

The bible study this year will be a detailed examination of the book of Revelation. Now, hold on just a minute–don’t run away just yet. The book of Revelation is not what most of us have been led to believe. Indeed, the hoopla surrounding the book of Revelation have turned people away from an important message. Probably no other book of the Bible has been more twisted and distorted than this book. The tragedy of such distortions is that they have obscured the message of the book–a message that is vital for Christians seeking to be faithful to Christ while surrounded and inundated by subtle seductions to possess power and influence through worldly means. Time and time again Christians have fallen prey to worldly ways because they have not heard and heeded John’s message to the churches to flee worldly ways and to follow the way of Christ.